Friday, November 19, 2010

Luxury Crystals

Aside from Silver, the next set you'll find inside my jewelry box are Swarovski Crystals. I don't have much, but I made sure that at least I have a set which is compose of a Swarovski Ring, a Swarovski Necklace, Swarovski Bracelet and a simple pair of  Swarovski Earrings. It is important to always have a set of jewelries in your box.  Especially, when you have a husband who loves dinner surprises. With Swarovski Jewelry, I choose designs that will match both casual and evening wear.
Jewelries that I can wear individually not only by set. For example,  Acrylic Swarovski Jewelry such as Swarovski Rings. I enjoy the combination of the colors. Not too catchy, perfect as an everyday accessory and is very fitting for any outfit. Aside from a ring, I am also fond of wearing Swarovski Earrings. I love my crystals in red. And one of my favorites is a pair of butterfly red Swarovski Earrings, I bought it with my mother-in-law 2 years ago. Up to this date, it looks brand new, elegant as ever.
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