Tuesday, November 16, 2010

KFC Philippines, We May Have A Problem with the Double Down Chicken Sandwich

You must be kidding me KFC! We've been in and out 6 KFC restaurants for the past 2 days and all you gave my family was total disappointment. 

1. KFC Katipunan Avenue
2. KFC P. Tuazon Cubao
3. KFC Ali Mall Cubao
4. KFC Shopwise Cubao
5. KFC Gateway Mall Cubao
6. KFC Telus near Farmers Market Cubao

Not a single Double Down Chicken Sandwich from any of these restaurants. Sadly, all your service crew could ever answer us was "it's very good, that we've run out". Really? What if I want a Double Down Chicken Sandwich for dinner or as a midnight snack since you have stores open 24 hours.

Note: we visited these same fast food chains on different dates, Meaning: Sunday, all 6 restaurants weren't able to give us a single double down chicken sandwich and yet again yesterday none from any of them, and today all wasn't able to cater.  Don't give us the reason that's "it's very good, that we've run out". Regardless of time, the moment you released the commercial, you should have also considered the possibility for the demand to shoot up. 

Your marketing strategy without a doubt was pretty good. Your commercial on the new KFC Double Down Chicken Sandwich was effective. But you did not have enough supply to meet the demand.

Aren't you suppose to be doing something about this shortage? A week  or even a day or 2 after the release would be enough to gauge it.
I'm thinking, maybe your the joking part in your commercial has a deeper meaning in it: that this is all a big joke!
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