Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How Safe Is Your Drinking Water

Just a year ago, my son suffered from a terrible tummy ache, which was later on diagnosed a serious sickness acquired from drinking water. For our home, we have been a frequent buyer of clean water, processed for this matter. But ironically when we eat or dine out somewhere, sometimes we stay satisfied with tap water. So when my son got this terrible sickness, we immediately traced the cause, and true enough, tap water was the main reason. Let's face it, our environment is not as clean compared to our grandparents' time. Reverse Osmosis Water Filter was the only purification method they considered back then. Now in the present, water filter of all types are popping out in the market  just to be able to preserve with what's left of our natural running water.

With what my son went through, I have a filtering system for every faucet in the house. We still buy processed water for drinking just to be sure.
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