Thursday, November 4, 2010

Carinderia Buffet

It was a Friday, I asked my husband if he could drive and take our son to school. I wasn't feeling well, but I still went to accompany my other half. After leaving our son. We drove around looking for a cheap place where we could have brunch. I was also craving for something different that day. I turned down McDonalds, KFC and even Starbucks. I was in the mood for something delicious and so Filipino. As we drove along V. Luna Avenue here in Quezon City, we came across this restaurant. Carinderia Buffet
We immediately made a u-turn. Then the following pictures below surprised us.
A clean and nice dining area
Lots of Filipino viands to choose from
More Filipino dishes
Hot Sinigang and Nilaga soup
The restaurant is not air-conditioned giving its guests a true carinderia feel. But no worries, there's not a fly around and it's a very cool restaurant. With the big windows, the wind will just breeze through. Not to forget, they have clean comfort rooms too.

We spent a total of Php300. Everything x2 (php99 buffet, php35 for our bottomless drinks both iced tea and soda) +vat.

All dishes are freshly cooked and served hot.  But it comes with a warning...
Store Hours: 9:00am-11:30pm
photos: Blackberry Curve 8900


daphne said...

Great carenderia. Looks neat and clean. 100% going to try it out this week. Thanks. . .

♥peachkins♥ said...

Uy Enchie mukhang mabubusog ka talaga dyan..