Monday, October 11, 2010

Safety Girl

Safety has always been my #1 concern, especially when I was still in school. Women, we're always an easy target for anybody with bad intentions. There were times when I kept a pepper spray in my bag. When I was in college there would be times that nobody was available to pick me up from school, most of the time, before graduating and due to school work, project and functions in school, I end up walking the streets in the middle of the night. Safety Girl, is a one stop shop where you can get stylish  safety equipments. From pepper sprays, womens jackets and even womens work pants.Pepper Sprays are offered as hand-held cans of pepper spray, as well as pepper spray keychains. Other options for protecting yourself include pepper spray cans for joggers, foams, gels, and police-strength formulas. Every product comes in cute and colorful designs which will leave the worry if you'll look good with those safety equipments on.
Take these fro example:
Take a look and tell me how cute is this waterproof jacket.
Walls Ladies Cotton Denim Capri Bib Overalls so comfy and refreshing to look at.

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