Thursday, October 7, 2010

Iced Gems

How will I start with this? Hmmm... oh yeah! Iced Gems! It's a snack that reminds me so much of my childhood. Especially during the days when I was still studying in Assumption. I was given a little allowance money then. My mom always prepare packed- lunch and sandwiches instead of buying food in the school cafeteria. The small amount of money given was suppose to be for my drinks to last for the rest of the day.
But most of the time, I rely on the school's water fountain and spend my money on packs of Iced Gems biscuit. When I was a little girl, the first thing that I got attracted with was the colorful icing on top of every biscuit. The biscuit itself was very good, easy to munch, easy to bite and I always make sure that my last bite would be the icing on top. Up to this date, Iced Gems are being sold in grocery stores. It gave me the inspiration to post about it when I found out that my son loves it too. Every time  I pick him up from school, he would ask me to buy him some. And during our last visit to Tagaytay, we dropped by at one of the pasalubong stations in the city and there I saw a BIG pack of Iced Gems biscuits being sold. From then on, in between meals, every time I'm watching TV, reading a book and even while surfing the net, I have a bowl of Iced Gems that I can munch anytime I want to. Yummy!
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