Thursday, October 14, 2010

FTF: Pancit Bihon

I prepared this for as merienda (snack) late this afternoon. But I purposely cooked good enough to last until tomorrow. I'm such a sucker for Pancit, especially Bihon Guisado. I love my Pancit Guisado with lots of Kinchay or small bunch of Chinese celery.The next ingredient that must be included is chicken sliced into small pieces.
I prefer boiling the chicken first then, I shred it into pieces. After sauteing, I use some of the chicken stock to cook the vegetables. Since my husband doesn't like gizzard and liver I completely eliminated it from my recipe. But to be honest, those 2 (gizzard and liver), they add flavor.
To make my pancit meal complete, I love pairing it with a cold glass of Coke and best eaten with Monay. Bread straight from a nearby bakery.
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