Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What A Shame Chef

For "delikadesa" (Etiquette) sake, please stop copying recipes and pictures from other blogs without asking permission or giving credit to the owner. If you're badly in need, the easiest way is to leave a comment, a message or email the owner before grabbing and posting anything.

Just a few minutes ago, I was sadden by an incident , a shout out from one of my plurk mates with regards to a "chef" who's been getting recipes and pictures from other bloggers. The name? I will not mention it anymore. I just can't believe that of all people, a professional would do such thing.

On a personal note, as a blogger who owns a food blog, I am greatly affected by this shameful act.  Though,  I wasn't born to become a genius around the kitchen, and I'm not saying that my food posts are so important. Even with our differences as bloggers and as individuals, everything boils down to the whole point of following the #1 rule, The Golden Rule online-- giving credit to the effort poured by the author of the blog. If not, BE ORIGINAL. Like everyone else, I browse for recipes. If I can't get the owner's permission first hand,  instead of posting the recipe on my site, I link my source so that my readers would visit the original website itself. I understand the pressure most bloggers are undergoing, especially just to be able to update our sites  everyday. I understand this situation, and I was as pressured like some people online. Maybe this "chef"  was exposed to the extreme side of it, so desperate to a point that grabbing from somebody else's website "must" be an option. What a shame...
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