Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Weekend Fun With My Boys

Last week, we were blessed to have a long weekend. Just a few days after my husband was discharged from the hospital. Very timely, we took advantage of it. Even in the process of recuperating, my husband still opted to go out. Being stuck in the hospital was just unexplainable, it plays with your mind. It's not healthy psychologically speaking. Well, it's our first time to stay in a hospital for 1 week straight..
Anyway, Friday we went to Sm Megamall to do a bit of strolling and window shopping. Visited shops we missed and food we've been dying to taste. Restaurant stop was at Bubble Tea. I was craving for their Cold, Lychee Green Tea with Bubbles (related post). As for my husband, we ordered something fat free and salt free. That's what I like about Bubble Tea, they have plenty of options. We continued our escapade Saturday, buy doing the groceries at SM Hypermarket Tiendesitas. This time, we added a little to our regular budget so we can celebrate with my husband's speedy recovery. Had a good massage at the Big Apple Spa (also in Tiendesitas).
Sunday, I took my boys to the barbershop for their haircut. Then drove to a nearby mall, I went window shopping at the newly opened Payless ShoeSource, then had some pampering time at the salon. We had dinner at Sbarro.
enchie’s kitchen
Again, I have been craving for another dish. Sbarro's Baked Ziti. This time, I ordered some Chicken Parmigiano with meat sauce to top it. My son finished a big slice of Hawaiian Pizza and for my husband---Spicy Buffalo Chicken Pizza. Over-all, it was a perfect weekend for us. We didn't spend so much just to enjoy and it's still fun as dirt bike riding. It marked a new beginning for us. 

The important things are: health -wise and family-wise, it made us stronger than ever as one unit.


imriz said...

what a fun weekend for you guys. keep it up:)

Chris said...

glad everyone is okay in your household na! :D