Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Great Christmas Selection

Christmas of 2009, I received a tea set from a good friend of mine. The set was composed of Lavender Tea, and Gourmet Butter biscuits packed European style and it came in a cute pink suitcase.  It gave me an idea for my Christmas giveaway this year. I would often send homemade chocolate candies. But this year, I want it to be simple, yet, different. I want to give something that my friends will enjoy with other people too. Christmas biscuits is a great option for a change.

Now I found an English Tea Store that not only offer biscuits, but cakes and teas too. In preparation for the upcoming holiday season, a cake tops my list. Christmas cake has always been part of our Christmas table. 

With the colors, white, green and red, it makes everything fit together. It makes the holidays complete. The English Tea Store has a wide list of choices. From your preferred kind of tea, branded teas, loose leaf tea which includes various blends of breakfast tea, afternoon teas like Darjeeling and Earl Grey, white, black, green, herbal, fruit, mint, vanilla, black currant, organic, Christmas, spiced, and decaffeinated teas. In addition, the teabags are optimal for brewing, as the bags have no strings attached. The English Tea Store also sell bulk tea, teabags, teapots and other items wholesale.

I can already smell the sweet scent of brewing tea. Matching the cold days and nights and a plate of the finest cookies and cakes shared with the whole family.
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