Thursday, August 19, 2010

FTF: How Do You Like Your Adobo?

My Pork Adobo is the usual dish we would often see cooked with soy sauce. I like it better than "Adobong Puti". After boiling my pork in soy sauce, coco vinegar, bay leaf, chopped garlic, a little sugar, salt and pepper, I fry it. But first, set aside the garlic after boiling. In a frying pan, I place a tbsp of oil, then I start frying the garlic that was set aside earlier, when it's all light brown,  then add fried potatoes and a cup of the marinate then simmer until the sauce is reduced..
enchie’s kitchen
enchie’s kitchen

I like my Pork Adobo a bit dry with a little oil coming from the fat of the pork, with a little hint of the remaining sauce.
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