Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Celebrating Their Birthdays This August

When it comes to celebrations, it's best to tell a little story on the feast that was shared. August 22, 2010, we had an advance birthday celebration for my Dad and for my brother. Their birthdays are 1 day apart. As always each celebrant has his own cake and candles to blow. Having 2 members of the family celebrate together is one of a kind, especially when we're talking about a father and son thing.
enchie’s kitchen
We had our favorites cooked for this year's celebration. Ordered pancit for a change, turbo broiled liempo with herbs and spices and it was juicy. My dad also prepared some curried shrimps. He also served us his specialty---steamed Chinese Lapu-lapu. It was a simple get together. Aside from celebrating their birthdays, it was also a time to celebrate as 1 whole big family.
enchie’s kitchen
Thank God for the gift of having a complete family. Thank God for the ages 27 and 60. Thank God for blessing each one with good health and a happy disposition. Happy Birthday to our Dad (Aug.23) and To our brother Nano (Aug.25)
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