Saturday, July 3, 2010

When I Thought There Was None...

That's for the past week. This week has been the busiest so far, aside from Christmas. I've been meeting with people, some friends talking about free business cards so that on our next meeting,  we can easily have an exchange of information. We met in several restaurants, but my mind was just too focused with our transaction. And I just realized that I missed on 2 good restaurants for this week. Lesson learned:  stay focused but keep an open mind then take advantage of the moment.

I feel so incomplete right now just thinking that I missed a lot for my food blog. I don't even have an Food Trip Friday entry for this week. Because even at home, I got busy. I cooked ordinary dishes for this week and left-overs of course, nothing really new. But after the down side of this blog, I've made use of it as a challenge to be able to fill up whatever " I think" I'm suppose to post on this food blog of mine. There will be chances to visit those restaurants again. Even better, I'm going to be with my family. And instead of 2, I will make it 3 restaurants including Banapple, which is just a walk away from our house.

Not to forget the newly opened Cafe Restaurant of my Ninang (Godmother). So make that 4, yipee!
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