Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Slow Eater

I never encountered any difficulty feeding my child. From the moment he is able to eat solid food, I immediately introduced vegetables and fishes. My son can eat bitter and spicy dishes. My son actually made it easy for me to handle his eating habits. He doesn't drink any artificial drinks including juices and soda and he loves cold water.

Looks perfect right? Well, not really, because from the age of 4 years old up to the present, he has become a slow eater. It takes him about an hour to finish his food. For a mother like me, that's something serious. I've been training him to concentrate on eating more than playing around. Even in a restaurant, he's the last one to finish. I had to wake him up 1 hour earlier so that he can finish his breakfast before going to school, everything is done 1 hour ahead or even 2 hours, so that he won't be late.
They say being a slow eater at the age of 5 years is normal for a child. I say, it's not helping. As much as possible I still want him to eat on a normal pace and by not letting his nutritional in-take get affected.

Over the weekend, I took my son with me look for larger sized air mattresses. We went shopping for some materials and stuff both for the kitchen and bedroom. With all the walking we made, I'm kinda expecting the child to be hungry. As predicted it took us another 1 hour just to finish his spaghetti. I guess the main reason is that he is just a child, acting the way he should be. They like exploring, imagining and looking around. That's what I noticed with Franky. He looks around and  he  talks a lot while eating.
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