Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Refrigerator Hunt Begins

Since 2007 our refrigerator has been acting strange. There were times when it would stop working in an instant and after a few days, we plug it again all of a sudden it works! Bottomline, it is very hard to get by without a refrigerator working perfectly fine. It greatly affects our meal everyday, the freshness of every ingredient matters. 

After 2 years, finally we're at the process of looking for a new icebox. One of my main concerns is to upgrade to a newer model. If we're going to shed out money, might as well invest on something that will last  us for another  10 or even 20 years. My parents just recently bought a new one. Their tips are  helping, because it's a bit hard finding information about cabinet depth refrigerators especially now that we're after the latest models in the market. It's also advisable to read tips and reviews online, take time browsing at your favorite appliance center. We also need to consider an appliance that's going to be energy efficient, that offers enough space for all types of food, needed to be stored, an icebox that has easy maintenance in case something goes wrong and the top brands known for its durability and good reviews.

One of the things I took note of is this Refrigerator Tip I found online:

"The bigger the family, the more space you will need. However, the opposite is actually more important. If you are not going to be putting much inside it, you actually want to try to get as small a refrigerator as practical, because refrigerators are far more efficient when they are packed full, and the larger your refrigerator is, the less “packed full” it will be."
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