Thursday, July 15, 2010

Jackpot For Microwavable Containers

enchie’s kitchen
Only for Php88 

Microwavable containers has always been a must-have in my kitchen. And these containers I just recently bought, were on sale when I accidentally went pass the SM Department store last Monday. I was out  to buy  medicine for my husband. Might as well take advantage while I'm already there right? I went home with shopping bags filled with kitchen towels, table clothes and even a rustic decor for my living room.

But the main highlight of my shopping were the containers. And what a huge sale, the original price of these containers are Php 200+ for the big ones and Php100+ for the small to medium sizes. That night, everything was down to Php88 all sizes. A huge Jackpot for me, because it was timely, I've run out of durable containers. It can be useful as left- over containers, a lunch box for office and school and your food is tightly sealed so don't worry about spills or leaks.
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