Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's Always Cheetos

It's my favorite snack. I'd go out late at night just to buy Cheetos. It's a long over due post. I really want to share how much of a Cheetos lover I am.
enchie’s kitchen
Cheetos Twisted Puffs
And when they mean puffs, it's really puffy. Every munch and bite is all worth to make your day. This is one of the few that I let my son eat. It's not salty and it is known as a cornmeal snack. It's corn and water blended and heated under pressure. I also found out that most Frito lay snacks are made with less salt and zero (0) trans fats. That explains why Frito Lay Snacks are a bit bland. But it taste good when paired with my favorite dip or dressing.

It's Always Cheetos for us.
enchie’s kitchen
Playing my favorite game...
enchie’s kitchen
And even on the road...
I also love munching on it while making a blog, surfing the net, fixing some pictures and even reading airpurifiersreviews.
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