Thursday, July 8, 2010


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Had  some weekend ago. It's only during weekends when my husband and I can indulge on a high-cholesterol dish. We decided to have some beer to match our sisig also some liempo.  We went to Leonardo's in Antipolo, over-looking the city. We kinda had a hard time looking for a nice hut. It's either it's occupied  by the early birds or insects are everywhere since we're already in the rainy season. Made us wonder how far fire ants range, most of the critters we saw are ants. The people of Leonardo's were very patient and they were able to find the perfect spot for us. First thing we ordered are 2 dishes of pork sisig. First dish was for warm up a starter. While talking and waiting for the rest of the food we ordered to come, at least we have something to munch on.

Sisig is a term which means "to snack on something sour" I got it from Wikipedia. Sisig or Sizzling sisig, a Filipino delicay is made from parts of pig’s head, pork meat and even liver. I like my sisig served with egg, seasoned with kalamansi and chili peppers and Knorr seasoning.

The Philippine Department of Tourism has acknowledged that her "Aling Lucing's" restaurant had established Angeles City as the "Sisig Capital of the Philippines" in 1974. If you can't go all the way to Pampanga, Aling Lucing has corner in Greenhills ViraMall Food court. Preparing sisig comes in three phases: boiling, broiling and finally frying.

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