Wednesday, July 28, 2010

An All- In- One- Place

It's one of the things I enjoy in our location. For the past 6 years my family 's been to several houses , apartments and a condo, but we never moved out of the main city. Quezon City is very accessible. Everything is here. From major malls, supermarkets, government offices, restaurants, hospitals, convenient stores, bakeshops, and bars. To add, all modes of transportation are also available here. In other countries it may be the city of Manchester where banks Manchester, and other important store are located close together. In one stop you can visit both at the same time. And so, being able to reach all the essentials you need in  no time is the most convenient thing that can happen to a person. Yes, sometimes renting a house or a condo unit may be expensive, but later on, you will see the big difference when you feel that you're saving more time and energy and realizing that your money is all worth it.

In terms of saving time, in an "all in one place"  you will be able to decide faster, accurately and you will be able to enjoy taking your time. I've been a victim myself , choosing something not appropriate just because I  need to hurry. In this case, it's all because I needed to be home on time, that's why I  have to rush whatever it is that I need, like banks Manchester, groceries or shopping for a pair of shoes. And when you take your time, you actually save energy because you're relaxed knowing you just live around the corner. It's also nice to enjoy a good pizza when you're not in a hurry. Reminds me, I can't imagine how Manchester pizza taste like, it must be good. With the list of pizza parlors they have, it's just a phone call away to pizza night.

Every time I go shopping with my husband, it's one of the things we are very thankful for,  having the opportunity to live near a commercial area.
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