Friday, July 30, 2010

FTF: Snack Time With Red Ribbon

I can't believe that I missed 2 FTFs already. When I thought that I can be a consistent participant, a busy life ahead came and crashed my momentum. Anyway, it's good to be able to post again. It's merienda time! or snack time. When I go shopping this is the only food I crave for. Red Ribbon's Regular Palabok. It's my favorite Palabok.
I make it a point to shop near a Red ribbon Restaurant. Even with my mom, it's always our first choice.
enchie’s kitchen
My Palabok meal came with a drink a slice of cake
enchie’s kitchen
Good thing that their cake for the day was Red Ribbon's Chocolate Heaven. It's my sons' favorite. He can eat the chocolate toppings in no time. It's good, it's real chocolate, it's Hershey's chocolate.

Photos: SE P990i

Food Trip Friday

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

An All- In- One- Place

It's one of the things I enjoy in our location. For the past 6 years my family 's been to several houses , apartments and a condo, but we never moved out of the main city. Quezon City is very accessible. Everything is here. From major malls, supermarkets, government offices, restaurants, hospitals, convenient stores, bakeshops, and bars. To add, all modes of transportation are also available here. In other countries it may be the city of Manchester where banks Manchester, and other important store are located close together. In one stop you can visit both at the same time. And so, being able to reach all the essentials you need in  no time is the most convenient thing that can happen to a person. Yes, sometimes renting a house or a condo unit may be expensive, but later on, you will see the big difference when you feel that you're saving more time and energy and realizing that your money is all worth it.

In terms of saving time, in an "all in one place"  you will be able to decide faster, accurately and you will be able to enjoy taking your time. I've been a victim myself , choosing something not appropriate just because I  need to hurry. In this case, it's all because I needed to be home on time, that's why I  have to rush whatever it is that I need, like banks Manchester, groceries or shopping for a pair of shoes. And when you take your time, you actually save energy because you're relaxed knowing you just live around the corner. It's also nice to enjoy a good pizza when you're not in a hurry. Reminds me, I can't imagine how Manchester pizza taste like, it must be good. With the list of pizza parlors they have, it's just a phone call away to pizza night.

Every time I go shopping with my husband, it's one of the things we are very thankful for,  having the opportunity to live near a commercial area.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Kind Of Tuna

Aside from sweet Pomelo, packs of Fresh Tuna Belly flew in just a few days ago from Davao. There are plenty of ways to enjoy Tuna. It's a good ingredient to make Sushi, best if grilled, baked or even pan-fried. The dish I'm sharing is one of the easiest way to enjoy a good tuna meal.
enchie’s kitchen
How: Drizzle tuna belly with olive oil, salt and pepper on both sides, calamondin juice and 1/2 tsp of oyster sauce. All you will be needing is a dry frying pan and let the olive oil and the natural oil from the fish do the work.
enchie’s kitchen
Not only it's healthy, but it came out Perfectly, just how I like it. Served with hot rice or partner it with  your favorite 'cold' beer and DVD.

Kababayan With A Twist

Kababayan is a Filipino pastry bought from any local bakery in the Philippines. I grew up with this muffin. It is actually an all- time favorite of mine. I love it snack time late in the afternoon or early in the morning.
enchie’s kitchen
According to, Kababayan means “Fellow Countryman”. This is a rich and creamy muffin which is usually shaped like Mexican Sombreros.

The Kababayan I found last Sunday over at SM Tiendesitas has blueberries. Same old tasting Kababayan, only it has blueberry to make it yummier. Sold for Php10.50 each.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's Always Cheetos

It's my favorite snack. I'd go out late at night just to buy Cheetos. It's a long over due post. I really want to share how much of a Cheetos lover I am.
enchie’s kitchen
Cheetos Twisted Puffs
And when they mean puffs, it's really puffy. Every munch and bite is all worth to make your day. This is one of the few that I let my son eat. It's not salty and it is known as a cornmeal snack. It's corn and water blended and heated under pressure. I also found out that most Frito lay snacks are made with less salt and zero (0) trans fats. That explains why Frito Lay Snacks are a bit bland. But it taste good when paired with my favorite dip or dressing.

It's Always Cheetos for us.
enchie’s kitchen
Playing my favorite game...
enchie’s kitchen
And even on the road...
I also love munching on it while making a blog, surfing the net, fixing some pictures and even reading airpurifiersreviews.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

French Apple Crumble Pie

It's one of those days when you crave for something unusual. Good thing that there's a Cake House just right in front of our place. So what made this experience one of a kind? Well it was my husband who craved for some Apple Pie. Yeah, and we got something better.
enchie’s kitchen
Introducing: Cake2Go's French Apple Crumble Pie with Butterscotch
It was a choice between:  sugar free French Apple Crumble Pie - 680
sugar free Turtle Pie - 680
and they have more! (on my next food post)
enchie’s kitchen
I brewed some house blend Starbucks Coffee to match this chunky delight and perfect with  the pouring rain, a warm bed and a hug...

A Little More For Our Bedding

It's been almost a week since my last post on this site. I got sick over the weekend but I still went out in order to break the boredom. I went shopping for some new bed sheets by the way. At the department store, I browsed on sets of sheets, blankets and pillow cases. Well, my son voluntarily transferred his so-called toy kingdom out of the master's bedroom to the living room. I really waited for him to do it by himself. I don't want to force him because he is also learning. 

Well, now with his toys placed somewhere else, I was finally able to fix our room and make it more cozy. So as I was sharing earlier, I went to the mall to shop for new sheets. I took my time and look on some bed frames. The sales lady was also giving out info about bed bug prevention methods. Quite timely too, that info will come in handy. I didn't  rush on buying, I thought, if I can't find the right bedding, maybe it's a sign that I will find something better next time.  The mall was almost closing when I went for another round, and found in a corner Bedding by Esprit. And they have therapeutic slippers too. I gotta save up for the slipper though, I can't afford to buy everything in one night because I plan to buy 2 pairs. 1 for me and for my husband. All Esprit Home Bed-Linen, Duvet Covers and Pillow-cases, are 100% Mercerized Cotton Sateen. Original price was at Php5,000+, it went down to 3,000+ Queen set. It's quite a find. I don't mind spending a little more for comfort.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Jackpot For Microwavable Containers

enchie’s kitchen
Only for Php88 

Microwavable containers has always been a must-have in my kitchen. And these containers I just recently bought, were on sale when I accidentally went pass the SM Department store last Monday. I was out  to buy  medicine for my husband. Might as well take advantage while I'm already there right? I went home with shopping bags filled with kitchen towels, table clothes and even a rustic decor for my living room.

But the main highlight of my shopping were the containers. And what a huge sale, the original price of these containers are Php 200+ for the big ones and Php100+ for the small to medium sizes. That night, everything was down to Php88 all sizes. A huge Jackpot for me, because it was timely, I've run out of durable containers. It can be useful as left- over containers, a lunch box for office and school and your food is tightly sealed so don't worry about spills or leaks.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Slow Eater

I never encountered any difficulty feeding my child. From the moment he is able to eat solid food, I immediately introduced vegetables and fishes. My son can eat bitter and spicy dishes. My son actually made it easy for me to handle his eating habits. He doesn't drink any artificial drinks including juices and soda and he loves cold water.

Looks perfect right? Well, not really, because from the age of 4 years old up to the present, he has become a slow eater. It takes him about an hour to finish his food. For a mother like me, that's something serious. I've been training him to concentrate on eating more than playing around. Even in a restaurant, he's the last one to finish. I had to wake him up 1 hour earlier so that he can finish his breakfast before going to school, everything is done 1 hour ahead or even 2 hours, so that he won't be late.
They say being a slow eater at the age of 5 years is normal for a child. I say, it's not helping. As much as possible I still want him to eat on a normal pace and by not letting his nutritional in-take get affected.

Over the weekend, I took my son with me look for larger sized air mattresses. We went shopping for some materials and stuff both for the kitchen and bedroom. With all the walking we made, I'm kinda expecting the child to be hungry. As predicted it took us another 1 hour just to finish his spaghetti. I guess the main reason is that he is just a child, acting the way he should be. They like exploring, imagining and looking around. That's what I noticed with Franky. He looks around and  he  talks a lot while eating.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Garlic- Thyme Rice

This weekend is just full of good news.
1. I was notified that my photo entry in a photography contest was chosen. Tomorrow I will be claiming my prize!!!
2. Ads/ opportunities has been flooding my website, and I consider that as something good.
3. Finally, I'm all set to change the domain name of one of my websites. Which one? I'm still thinking and gauging, but definitely it is going to happen next week.
4. I have been talking about business with my husband a Seo company would come in handy on securing our needs.
5. I have another kitchen experiment to share today.

Garlic- Thyme Rice

It's your typical home-cooked garlic rice in butter and thyme. I always use a small amount of butter everytime I cook fried rice. It makes the rice taste better and it binds all the flavors together. 
 Not too much butter though. With 1 tsp of unsalted- non cholesterol butter, you can saute  1 whole garlic- minced. I'm talking about whole not by cloves.
enchie’s kitchen
enchie’s kitchen
Perfect for breakfast with your favorite viand. My family likes it with german franks and spam. Don't forget the coffee!

Thursday, July 8, 2010


enchie’s kitchen
Had  some weekend ago. It's only during weekends when my husband and I can indulge on a high-cholesterol dish. We decided to have some beer to match our sisig also some liempo.  We went to Leonardo's in Antipolo, over-looking the city. We kinda had a hard time looking for a nice hut. It's either it's occupied  by the early birds or insects are everywhere since we're already in the rainy season. Made us wonder how far fire ants range, most of the critters we saw are ants. The people of Leonardo's were very patient and they were able to find the perfect spot for us. First thing we ordered are 2 dishes of pork sisig. First dish was for warm up a starter. While talking and waiting for the rest of the food we ordered to come, at least we have something to munch on.

Sisig is a term which means "to snack on something sour" I got it from Wikipedia. Sisig or Sizzling sisig, a Filipino delicay is made from parts of pig’s head, pork meat and even liver. I like my sisig served with egg, seasoned with kalamansi and chili peppers and Knorr seasoning.

The Philippine Department of Tourism has acknowledged that her "Aling Lucing's" restaurant had established Angeles City as the "Sisig Capital of the Philippines" in 1974. If you can't go all the way to Pampanga, Aling Lucing has corner in Greenhills ViraMall Food court. Preparing sisig comes in three phases: boiling, broiling and finally frying.

Food Trip Friday

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Craving For A Philly Cheesesteak

Make that with pickled jalapeƱo on the side. It's been a long time since our last visit in Charlie's Grind and Grill near Ortigas. Charlie's Chilly Cheesesteak is the best sandwich I have ever tasted. I'm up for it this weekend, I'm willing to drive just to be able to munch on it again.  I never thought that such cheese steak exist here in Manila. This cheese steak is made out of the freshest and finest ingredients.
enchie’s kitchen
Makes me wonder and wander off to a bed and breakfast Brighton. A fresh tasting sandwich served on a cool morning matching your brewed coffee or  your favorite juice and hot tea. Not to forget, settling near  the beach where you can also hear the waves of the ocean adds to the most relaxing day anybody can dream of.

By the way, this sandwich in the picture is as big as the size of a medium serving platter. Whether you're on a weekend break, or on  holiday, you should be having some cheese steak sandwich.

Picnic + Camping= Great Family Bonding

Bonding time is my main concern as a mother and wife. We're a family of 3 but we always make it a point to spend quality time together. Each week, we plan something from the simplest like going to the mall or just having a wonderful family dinner at home, and if blessed with extra time, we plan beyond our usual and we often go out of town. Just recently, I saw a photo album of celebrities enjoying a fun picnic day as they celebrate the 4th of July. That gave me an awesome idea for my family. It's been a long time since we really went on a picnic. Aside from that, with my husband's idea of going camping... everything is falling right into place. Both can be done in one place. Well, that's the nice part if you have your own car, you can scout for a very good place to go on a picnic and camping at night. A beach area which is a 3hour drive is one of the locations we are also considering.

Cabin tents normally come in one of two varieties: the Umbrella style and the Truss style. I told my husband that he is in-charge of getting a family sized cabin tent. That's more of a guy thing, I'll handle the food. I hope that he can find a sturdy tent for us. Even if we're outdoors, I still want my family to feel safe and comfortable.

When shopping for a cabin tent, there are several factors you may want to consider.  The first is the issue of room separation, as not all cabin tents come with detachable dividers.  Purchasing a tent equipped with this feature will provide you with maximum flexibility as to the interior configuration of the tent.  Another important factor is the material of the tent fabric and the poles, which contribute to its overall durability and resistance to inclement weather.  Sturdiness is particularly essential to a cabin tent, because it is taller than the average tent, and will thus be battered by wind more often.

The Refrigerator Hunt Begins

Since 2007 our refrigerator has been acting strange. There were times when it would stop working in an instant and after a few days, we plug it again all of a sudden it works! Bottomline, it is very hard to get by without a refrigerator working perfectly fine. It greatly affects our meal everyday, the freshness of every ingredient matters. 

After 2 years, finally we're at the process of looking for a new icebox. One of my main concerns is to upgrade to a newer model. If we're going to shed out money, might as well invest on something that will last  us for another  10 or even 20 years. My parents just recently bought a new one. Their tips are  helping, because it's a bit hard finding information about cabinet depth refrigerators especially now that we're after the latest models in the market. It's also advisable to read tips and reviews online, take time browsing at your favorite appliance center. We also need to consider an appliance that's going to be energy efficient, that offers enough space for all types of food, needed to be stored, an icebox that has easy maintenance in case something goes wrong and the top brands known for its durability and good reviews.

One of the things I took note of is this Refrigerator Tip I found online:

"The bigger the family, the more space you will need. However, the opposite is actually more important. If you are not going to be putting much inside it, you actually want to try to get as small a refrigerator as practical, because refrigerators are far more efficient when they are packed full, and the larger your refrigerator is, the less “packed full” it will be."

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Are You Having Trouble With Your Car's Floor Mats?

Infiniti FX35 Floor Mats are the most durable set of mats in the market today. No flimsy threading or cheap rubber. Plus, you can custom-fit your set to your vehicle’s interior layout. No hassles of sliding or overlapping which might even cause accidents. It's security and luxury put together. I've been driving for a long time now. And one of my concerns is to have a comfortable flooring for my car especially at the driver's area. I've experienced the irritating things that would make my feet uncomfortable while driving. My foot getting tangled on some cheap mat and unexpected sliding of the mat while stepping on the brake or accelerator. Tell me, is that safe? Like what I've mentioned before, unsafe flooring may lead to accidents. As we all know that we just recently restored our car after it went underwater during  a strong typhoon late last year. Part of the restoration is changing the interior of the car. Finally, we're able to invest on a durable set of mats fitted for our car's flooring.

Another factor we should consider is keeping the inside of our car clean . It is not something we should take for granted. Just a little drip can lead to a spill. So these are also mats that are easy to clean and easy to maintain. Mats that comes in different state-of-the-art design, top-grade materials, and plenty of style,  you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in Infiniti FX35 Floor Mats. It is more on the security option. Having durable floor mats will make driving safer than ever. You will be relaxed and at the same time your car will look good and clean.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

When I Thought There Was None...

That's for the past week. This week has been the busiest so far, aside from Christmas. I've been meeting with people, some friends talking about free business cards so that on our next meeting,  we can easily have an exchange of information. We met in several restaurants, but my mind was just too focused with our transaction. And I just realized that I missed on 2 good restaurants for this week. Lesson learned:  stay focused but keep an open mind then take advantage of the moment.

I feel so incomplete right now just thinking that I missed a lot for my food blog. I don't even have an Food Trip Friday entry for this week. Because even at home, I got busy. I cooked ordinary dishes for this week and left-overs of course, nothing really new. But after the down side of this blog, I've made use of it as a challenge to be able to fill up whatever " I think" I'm suppose to post on this food blog of mine. There will be chances to visit those restaurants again. Even better, I'm going to be with my family. And instead of 2, I will make it 3 restaurants including Banapple, which is just a walk away from our house.

Not to forget the newly opened Cafe Restaurant of my Ninang (Godmother). So make that 4, yipee!