Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Suddenly I NEEDED Coffee

Cutting on caffeine was really not easy for me. Had to stop smoking when I got pregnant . Not only that, had to totally eliminate caffeine as part of my daily routine. But eventually,  I was able to cope and I was graced not to have a daily caffeine fix. Not until...


It's one of the things I can't explain because I am still figuring out why I am craving for coffee. My system is looking not just for any form of caffeine, just COFFEE. For the past week,  yes, I have been taking in some already, but not everyday. Then over the weekend, with all the activities and trying to be awake for the long drive, had to take more than my usual. And as of yesterday, my body's been aching to have more of it.


This afternoon when I really couldn't take it, I had to walk all the way to the nearest Shell Select just to buy coffee. I used to have coffee for brewing, freshly grinded coffee beans. But since I stopped drinking years back, there's none stored in my pantry, not even instant coffee. I wanted to drive to Starbucks and spend my coffee time there, but our car wasn't around, I settled for some iced coffee from Shell instead.

After all this, looks like that I'll be a frequent follower of Coffee houses and Café restaurants.
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