Monday, June 21, 2010

Free Website Builder

For your food blog, photo blog a personal blog, a website for your business. Anything you want to make a mark online are with this website builder . Looking for a free website ? Visit Wix and you will find all the essentials on building a website. Publish like a PRO, be on top of the search engine, get your own domain name, create stunning promotional materials: banners, newsletters, widgets and more to attract clients and visitors and no programming required. It's just simple and easy to understand. 

1. Start (by signing up)
2. Create (start building your website)
3. Save your final work
4. Publish (for everyone to see)

I've already started with my first website with Wix still in the process of developing the main page. It's crazy! With page 1 of my website I'm already in awe, there's so much option and choices with one click of the mouse.  I never thought that such website builder exist.  It is also equipped with guidelines in case you get lost exploring. The nice part, readers can still leave comments and messages to your website. Traffic still continues and you can customize everything. It's going to be a more formal website.
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