Sunday, June 20, 2010

Eat This!

A Book On NOT Dieting. Who among you finds dieting such a hard thing to do? I'll be honest, I do. I always believe that whatever is served on the table, everything should be taken in moderation. But good food and delicious meals makes us disobey that rule. Which eventually results to having big bellies, unwanted fats and cellulites and having a sluggish body.

In reality, dieting was not made to be easy. It requires discipline and will power in order to achieve our goals. Well, I found a better alternative. As I was in line at the cashier when I saw this book. It just so happen that I was beside a stack of books and magazines related to kitchen and cooking. Good thing I was wearing my eyeglasses, it was hiding in- between the thick ones. The colorful title EAT THIS! was inviting me to buy it! buy it! This reading shows the fun side by not thinking of dieting. 365 reasons to stop dieting. Once you take a peek, you'll also find several humorous quotations.
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EAT THIS! by Mary McHugh
 This book is going to be helpful and  inspiring to those who are very conscious with their body. Take a break, live a little and enjoy your favorite comfort food.

Dieting is Good. Too much of everything is bad.
  •  Tap dancing is more fun than dieting burns more calories
  • Your grandma always says: "Eat, eat- you're too thin". And she's old so she must be wise.
  • Walking 15 minutes a day will help you lose 12 pounds a year; walking through the "sale" aisle at your favorite store counts double.
  • Walk an hour a day and use up 280 calories= 2 hotdogs
  • If you don't have enough carbohydrates in your diet, you can suffer from fatigue, lack of energy, short-term memory loss, vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Linguine with clam sauce anyone?
  • Your hair is falling out, your skin is flaking, and you have no energy. Eat! Eat!
  • Chocolate gives you the same feeling you have when you're in love.
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