Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Of Cheese Rolls and My Husband

My husband always surprises me with the most unexpected gifts "pasalubongs" ever! I wasn't expecting that he will finish a basket of Cheese Rolls from the pastry shop for me Well, he didn't really finished a whole basket of it... As to where he got it, I don't really care 
Cheese Rolls is one of my favorite pastries. Especially my mom's rolls. We used to own a bakery, and every morning, my mom would serve baskets of them straight from the oven. I really miss my mom's Cheese Rolls. I remember I would sneak up on her just to get one and not pay for it (lol). Those were the days. Soon, we will be back on making pastries and baked goodies again, (#1 on my list is a bunch of cheese rolls)  we're just waiting for something to finish (wink!)

cheese roll

And to my husband: Thanks again for the Cheese Rolls, it's a true favorite of mine.Thank you for bringing back good memories of  food, love and family. I love you...
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