Thursday, March 4, 2010

Worse Summer

Worse summer experience for the Philippines right now. Last night while watching the news, it made me realize so much our environment has changed through time. When summer comes, we get a good hot 3 months. Usually from late March to May. Summer has always been my most awaited season. It's beach time. Just the idea of being able to wake up late makes summer lovable especially for students. You get to dress up lighter, upgrade to a newer eye wear for protection.

Now, its different. Maybe the only reason you have for staying up late is not being able to sleep well because of the heat. We're also undergoing crisis in terms of water supply. And if there's shortage on water, the rest of our basic needs gets affected as well. Power supply, food, even work. This year's El Niño Phenomenon is far the worse I have ever known. Even the strawberries, that's suppose to be in season are drying and dying out. As we all know, the Philippines is one the countries dependent upon agriculture and fishing. This phenomenon will really leave many jobless and hungry. Let us all do our share and conserve energy in order to save our fellow citizens from greater adversities that we know we can all get through if we help each other.
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