Thursday, March 25, 2010

Crunchy Potato Wedges

As a matter of fact, they love french fries so much and I had to go in- between preventing it  from making it the ultimate favorite. We all know how unhealthy french fries are. I was able to change their preference from eating french fries to loving homemade potato fries/ potato wedges. I always make potato wedges for my boys especially for Franky. My vegetable basket is always full with potatoes just for this.
And its fun mixing herbs with the coating. It adds flavor.
enchie’s kitchen


Cacai M. said...

(Mmmm).. it looks yummy indeed Mami pretty Chie.. and yeah it is healthy if lutong-bahay especially dahil si mama Chie ang nagluto. Abangan ko pala ang recipe mo, haven't done this and looks easy recipe namn at healthy pa.

Thanks for visiting My FTF #17 and an FTF 1st Anniversary Greeting momma Chie.. muahh!


Clarissa said...

My kids loves potato wedges,too!I think fries is not 'masama' naman if you're not eating them everyday.Love your version of homemade potato wedges!!^_^

Cecile said...

looks yummy; too bad I can't eat much of these anymore due to my diabetes :-(

Sreisaat said...

Ayy, I heart potato wedges too! Sa Shakey's naman noon may Mojo potatoes din sila na gustong-gusto ng mga pamangkin ko.
Happy weekend, Enchie =)

We Ate This!

January said...

That looks healthy.. oopps sorry I'm not a fan of potatoes.

Happy Friday..


luna miranda said...

it's hard to stay away from french fries especially when you frequent fast foods serving them. the aroma of potatoes being fried can tempt even a saint!:p so my solution--stay away from fast foods, and don't buy potatoes.:p

Chie Wilks said...

Wow, this surely taste good...thanks for sharing...Happy 1st anniversary to foodtrip

Food Trip Friday said...

My boys love French Fries too, and the least thing I could to to make it somewhat healthy is to bake it instead of deep frying it with oil.
By the way,Enchie,Thanks for joining the FTF continously, your entry is one of the many entry that I'm looking forward each week hoping that I can copy your recipe for my own use. :D

Jac said...

my kids loves fries talaga as in super favorite ng mga kids ko!!
Happy weekend Enchie!!

♡u8mypinkc00kies♡ said...

Love this!!! :D