Friday, March 5, 2010

Old New Orleans

Visiting New Orleans was a dream come true for my husband (then my boyfriend). He is a Jazz music enthusiast, anybody in his shoes would probably make New Orleans his first stop in America. Aside from enjoying authentic New Orleans Jazz music, my husband went to several restaurants too. Part of his goal as a traveler is to be able to taste the food the place is well-known of.

A new orleans restaurant serves the best. From their scrumptious Gumbo dishes, grilled oysters, boiled crawfish, jambalaya, finest wine and delicious puddings.
But nothing beats the experience of dining in a nice restaurant New Orleans been famous for. A restaurant that serves Contemporary Louisiana-French dinners, that also supports local farmers and fisherman. One of the stories that got my husband's attention was the story of La Petite Grocery.La Petite Grocery started as a small store located across the street from the Jefferson Market, one of the busiest streets because it is near the port of New Orleans. Mr. Mackie would sell items such as butter fresh from the creamery, coffee roasted in the store, teas imported from around the world as well as local goods. Customers would come by foot, horse or take a ferry from across the river to be able to buy the finest and unique groceries they have in store. It opened its doors in the same building that John Willig and Frank Mackie built almost 100 years earlier .

Aspirations: to provide the neighborhood with exotic teas, locally roasted coffee and fresh produce. By doing this we hope to provide a dining experience that evokes nostalgia of old New Orleans.
New Orleans is a beautiful place full of wonderful stories and dishes. It would be another dream come true to go back and experience New Orleans together with (now) my husband and (now) a jazz musician.
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