Thursday, March 11, 2010

Garlic Mushroom and Radish Salad

In observance of the Lenten Season, and as part of a tradition, every Friday, I make it a point to serve fish and vegetables or chicken to the very least. Some Friday ago, I opted for 2 kinds of vegetable dishes. Garlic Mushroom served with fresh Radish Salad.
If you're a traditional person, it's also a good option to serve veggies over veggies. One that can stand as main viand or main dish, and the other as a side dish.
enchie’s kitchen
Perfect with hot, fragrant Jasmine Rice.

  • Radish Salad: (radish, tomatoes, onions, cane vinegar, ground pepper, salt and 1/2 packet of Splenda.*Slice radish, tomatoes and onions in thin pieces. Set in a bowl season with cane vinegar, salt, pepper and Splenda.
  • Garlic Mushroom: Any mushroom of your choice whole or in pieces, olive oil, minced garlic, salt and pepper.* Saute garlic in olive oil until golden brown, add mushrooms, stir for a few minutes then, add salt and pepper to taste.
Happy eating!
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Self Sagacity said...

Gees, I wish the boys would eat more mushroom. It looks delicious to me and I really will try it for myself. hehe

FoodTripFriday said...

I would love to try your mushroom recipe, since it is one of a very few veggies that all of us like, and for some reason I started enjoying it even if it is not on pizza toppings. :)

Mylene said...

I will try the Garlic Mushroom mommy Ench :)

My daughter loves mushroom eh :)

chubskulit said...

Sarap nyan, ang uso dito fish sandwich but ako naman laging may frozen fish kaya yun niluluto ko.

My first time cooking Black Bean Chicken.

Cecile said...

these dishes look yummy, try ko yung mushroom recipe mo :-);

Clarissa said...

My kids would love that!They love anything with mushrooms and good for those who are in a diet.(ako yun lol!)

Nedekcir said...

I love veggies anytime, specially with

♥Grace Draper♥ said...

its look interesting your food i think i can try this too mommy ench

redkathy said...

BTW- I love the new design!

redkathy said...

Those garlic mushrooms look delicious, so much so I can almost taste them from here!

Anne said...

This interesting. Parang kakaiba itong way, ma try nga minsan sis. Thanks for sharing. Here's My Chicken Curry Version.

Arlene said...

Hi Ench, i love veggies but i just can't take in raddish. hehe

shydub said...

Hi Enchie,

The mushrooms garlic looks good and easy to make. masubukan nga minsan.

Sreisaat said...

Oh my, I keep on forgetting about the no-pork diet every Friday! Thanks for reminding me. Your garlic-mushroom dish looks yummy =)

P.S. I love your new blog look!
We Ate This!

acmumcee said...

naku.. i'll munch these all up in no time.. kaso kay hubbydubs, di pwede ang mushrooms lang.. hehe.. and he doesn't eat radish.. ano beh! hirap kaya pag may hindi kinakain ang mister hubster.. haha!!!

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