Wednesday, March 17, 2010

my Cold Lychee Green Tea his Royal Milk Tea

enchie’s kitchen
This has been a regular for us every time my husband and I would visit Bubble Tea. It is cold green tea and Lychees with black tapioca. You can also have it hot.
(cold/large at Php68- hot at Php45)
It is very refreshing and most of all, healthy!
enchie’s kitchen
Royal Milk Tea (Php80- cold)
Bubble Tea originated in Taiwan in the early 1980's at a small tea stand. Bubble tea is also known as boba drink, pearl tea drink, boba ice tea, boba, boba nai cha, zhen zhou nai cha, pearl milk tea, pearl ice tea, black pearl tea, tapioca ball drink. Most of the time tapioca pearls were served in cold infused tea. After the tea and flavor were shaken well, it topped tapioca pearls that were sitting on the bottom of a clear cup. The tapioca pearls also looked like bubbles, thus also became to known as "Bubble Tea." Bubbles floated on the top your drink and bottom of your drink.-source-
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