Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Last Saturday my family spent time at Enchanted Kingdom. As most of us all know, bringing food inside the park is not allowed. That " food not allowed" rule was all worth it. Part of our fun day was discovering several goodies. One of them is the Deliciously Healthy CHOCONANAZ!
It's frozen banana dipped in any flavoring of your choice. Chocolate, Strawberry and other fruity flavored dips.After dipping, choose any sprinkle to coat your cold ChocoBanana. Very refreshing. I didn't know that banana can be served frozen too.

Location: Midway Boardwalk Enchanted Kingdom
Price Ranges from php25-35


♥peachkins♥ said...

Yung SanFo Treats na nagtitinda ng caramel apple sa mga malls may frozen bananas din. Ang sarap ano?

Enchie said...

Hi Peachy! super love ko SanFo Treats as in. I didn't know they also have frozen banana. Too bad the SanFo stalls in Galleria and Megamall aren't there anymore...Dun lang ako nakakabili...