Sunday, February 21, 2010

On-Off Online

Been very busy moving to our new home. Had to apply for a new broadband and when everything was perfectly running again online, a virus got my computer. It took me another 3 days to finally get back on track online. But that was only for my main site. A pretty bad virus hit my computer that I had to reformat everything. And so I lost all of my food photos and data. Especially the new ones I have been reserving to share once I get back with blogging. It was kinda hard to start again. My food blog was left hanging for weeks.

I learned a lot from that terrible virus experience. Once you're hooked up online, you're really subjected to get all the safety features you can get with several risks at hand.

What more for the people who does business online. It would be advisable to get a reliable party for business hosting. For every transaction, especially when money is involve make sure you are secured. We can't live without a computer nowadays, that's a fact. Online research, online shopping, blogging and as a source of communication, makes it already an essential.

Viruses and malfunctions will always be part of it. It's up to us to keep safe.
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