Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Location: Robinsons Galleria

It's not just an Ice Cream Store.

It was our first time to order something different from Icebergs. We would usually end up in Icebergs for dessert. We were looking for a restaurant where we can just order something lite since it was only 4 o'clock in the afternoon.

Hey, a Classic Chicken Sandwich sounds great for a snack. A Beef Burger for only php135 sounds lite and an ordinary Chocolate Sundae fits the whole snack idea. Thinking that my Chicken Sandwich wouldn't be as big or heavy, I ordered some fries with melted cheese and chili as well.

So what did we enjoy at 4 o'clock?
Classic Chicken Sandwich (php128)---
That was served twice the size of the "usual" Chicken Sandwich. Stacked with layers of cheese, real chicken spread, lettuce and cucumber. Plus some potato chips and mayo-garlic.
Mighty AJ's Beef Burger (php 135)
Served with 100% beef lettuce, onions, pickles some fries and mayo-garlic.
Add ons: Bacon php25 Cheese php20
The knife on the side will explain how big this burger was.
Chili Melted Fries (php 158)
A new favorite. Gave me an idea on what to serve for our next guests who will drop by our new place.
Chocolate Sundae (php128)
The extraordinary Chocolate Sundae with scoops of both Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream topped with Chocolate Syrup, whipped cream and a long-stemmed cherry.

*Icebergs Signature Drink "MANGO ICED TEA" served with real mango bits. It was the highlight of my dining experience. (But I accidentally deleted my picture. )

Photos: SE P990i
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