Friday, February 26, 2010

Food Shopping Experience

Growing up eating natural food is the key on how we stay healthy. Being blessed with a father who does work out of town, he makes it a point to bring home food, crops and other products harvested or processed straight from the farm or garden. Cooking with fresh ingredients makes every dish taste authentic and healthy. If fresh, the vegetable, fruit, fish, herbs and even animal products maintains its natural state and nourishes our body with the proper vitamins and minerals.

Eventually, my siblings and I had to move out of our comfort zones and live on our own. I really want to feed my own family with food cooked with fresh ingredients. Just like what my parents did to us. But since we're living in the city now, and my husband's work requires him to stay in the office, that goal of serving something fresh ended up being on the table once in a while.

With our dad still working full-time, he would still buy us fruits, organic products and vegetables every time he'd go out of town. We're very thankful for that. Nowadays people just go to the grocery store and buy whatever there is nearest to the freshest. Would you believe, you can now buy fresh ingredients online. I just discovered this yesterday. It's the best offer that you can get with just a click away. From fresh dairy products, fruits, coffee, vegetables, poultry and buy California wine .

AgBASE is an e-service which connects U.S. farmers and consumers. They deliver online wine connoisseurs, specialty food consumers or produce buyers directly to their choice of farm and winery sources with the ease of shopping at a farmer’s market. They made this virtual farmer's market that serves as a one- stop shop directing buyers to a virtual farmer’s market. They have become the premier world-wide one-stop source of local fresh foods and wine at a fair price.

To make it easier, they connected buyers and sellers across the globe, enabling people to locate and order rare and specialty foods and beverages, ethnic cuisine online.
The whole purpose is to provide U.S. and non-U.S. visitors a chance to shop for food products directly from farmers and vendors.

What does it mean - it means that any consumer can pass the re-sellers, by purchasing products directly from farmers for the freshest ingredients and at a cheaper price.

This is just so ideal for families, especially the moms who can't go all the way to the province and buy straight from farmers.
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