Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fashion Online

My only rubber shoes died on me last Saturday. It officially said goodbye, and when I saw the damage, no shoe repair shop will ever think of reviving it again. In a few days we will be moving out, priority is to buy new furniture. I feel really weird knowing I don't have any rubber shoes or walking shoes at least, that I can use just in case something comes up. As always, I ended up searching online. Luckily, I came across a fashion directory and they have the top websites that sells quality items. From bags, shoes, baby products, ladies accessories, shirts and clothes in all sizes, hats and caps and jewelries.
For my next rubber shoes, I am up for Nike Women Airmax 2009 this time around still in red and black. They also have this in pink and black if you're interested. Online shopping really helps. After we get settled in our new place, the weekend after that, I promised my sister that we will play Badminton every Saturday. And if I didn't look for my shoes online, it would be very disappointing to move again our Badminton date, just because I need to look and buy for a new pair of rubber shoes.
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