Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Aside from being "The World's Most Popular Red Wine", it is also the perfect house wine. It has been on top of the Cruz's dinner table for years.

Food and Wine--- Wines are based on the food that goes with it. It makes the over-all dining experience tasteful and well-blended. At the same time, we enjoy the real flavor of the wine and discover the magic why it should be taken the right way. Wines are also best used as a cooking agent. Especially if you want to go gourmet.
Health and Wine--- According to findings, Red Wine reduces coronary heart diseases, maintains the immune system, they are excellent antioxidants, serves as an anti-stress too. " The net effect of drinking at least 2 to 3 glasses of wine a day is supposed to result in a healthier life." -source-California Red is a great red to enjoy. It is a medium bodied red wine, with fresh berry aromas with hints of black pepper and spice. It has ripe blackberry and cherry flavors which give way to a crisp, clean finish. It is made with premium California grapes. Recommended with beef, chicken, pork and pasta dishes.-source-
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