Thursday, January 7, 2010

On Health for 2010

To start, let me just tell you guys that I have never made any resolutions or made plans about health every time it's going to be a new year. I seldom talk about certain health issues online. Well, its been 5 years. Whether I'm blogging or not, it's about time I ponder on our health options. I want to start 2010 giving honest opinions on health and other contributors that is good for our body. And share some thoughts on things that can be harmful. Mid of 2009, my husband went through an executive check up in one of the hospitals here in the Philippines. For years of being married, none of us went through this process, or even bothered to have it voluntarily.

Part of my husband's medical benefit package is this Executive Check-up. To be honest, I got pretty nervous of how the results will come out. As we can all see from my posts with our pictures, my husband is a big person. Not having knowledge about the activities going inside his body is unhealthy already.

So he went. It was an overnight process. He had to check-in and go through several tests. The results came in after a month, and with answered prayers, we got positive results. Except for the fact that he was advised to lose weight. Well, I need that too. Other than that, all of his organs are fine and functioning well. With this, we will continue a healthy lifestyle. Our fears were all gone and was replaced with so much determination to keep a healthier body. This experience now serves as one of our motivating factors in life. Like I said in my post Entry Here "2009 has been very kind to me and my family. So much milestones as a parent has been achieved. So much lessons learned and discoveries made to take as motivators."

As we age, our body becomes more fragile. As for our goals after knowing all these..

: Warming up

: Stretching
i-stretch ng i-stretch
: the upper body exercise
do the gwaping pose
: lower body exercise (moving to left and back)
circle, circle, slide,slide...
: lower body exercise (moving to right and back)

and again : Head exercise (make sure to do the 2nd part, it works!)

para tumalino

: whole body exercise
parang bangag lang
wala lang
para kang nasasaniban
: Jumping exercise: The Pose is the key! but remember to jump!
: relax
maghanap ng kasama

sumayaw sa galak

  • 6am every weekend, we will continue to go for long walks and will go jogging again.
  • Will use the staircase instead of the elevator or escalator.
  • Will start using our stationary bicycle again which has been on stationary mode since last year.
  • Less fast food. (I can't say No just Less because there will be times when you just want to enjoy and relax. Especially on special occasions. Besides we don't eat fast food or take out everyday).
  • No canned goods and more fresh ingredients.
  • No processed food products (such as tocino, longganisa, burgers, french fries). Will make our own with the right ingredients.
  • No sugar and lesser salt for all of us, even for our little boy. We've been into healthy eating at home since we got married. But work and stress destroys everything. So even if we have doubled our efforts, this time, we'll triple it! Will cook food the healthy way (steaming, boiling, baking).
  • Part of this healthy movement is going to the spa and taking long breaks from work. We all need to take a break you guys! :)
  • No more Coke Zero and will wait for the Buko (coconut) vendor instead
  • Meditation
  • Creating a Happy atmosphere
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