Thursday, January 21, 2010

Like A Mere Pack of Peanuts

Here's a little glimpse that keeps me going every time I blog or update my websites. Aside from listening to some of my favorite songs, I always have a pack of peanuts to go with it.

Early this morning, I saw a new pack of nuts on the table. Salted Cashew Nuts to be exact. So I waited for my husband to wake up to ask permission if I can open it. Thinking he bought that for himself.

He said: "That's yours. I bought that for you. Because I noticed you're running out of peanuts". "Something that you can munch on while you do your blog."

A simple thought and gesture like this melts my heart. Especially coming from my one and only. I've known my husband to be the most supportive fellow I've ever met. Even when we're still dating, he makes sure that I'm happy and pleased with the things I love to do, anything that concerns my happiness.

But I never thought that he'll notice even the smallest things that will keep the person satisfied and happy.

Like a mere pack of peanuts.

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