Thursday, January 14, 2010

Harbor View Restaurant

December 30, 2009, after our tour of the Manila Ocean Park, we had dinner at the 'ol Habor View Restaurant.
Established in 1985, Harbor View was the brainchild of three good friends who had been in the hotel industry all their lives. While at the hotel, they were often asked by the guests where to eat and what to see in Manila. As a result, they often dreamt of opening a place that would be a treat for locals and tourist alike.
I've been seeing this restaurant when I was a kid. My parents would always take us to Luneta to go biking, and it's just recently that I was able to experience Harbor View dining for the very first time. We ordered 3 dishes and Sago't Gulaman for me!

Price Ranges from Php 150-500 They take seafood orders per gram. But they also have fixed dishes like the ones we ordered.
Adobong Pusit with mushroom pieces(baby squid)
Fish and Chips
This is the best combination ever! Delicious fish with potato chips and potato wedges. Comes with mayo-chili sauce.
All time favorite Lechon Kawali
My Sago't Gulaman. 

Had 2 glasses, it was so good and perfect for the evening. While enjoying our food, my husband told me a little story. His dad would always take him to this restaurant. It was lovely to know that now, it's his turn to share this experience with his own son.
Our awesome view
Harbor View Restaurant offers both the best menu, a magnificent dining experience with a great view to go with. The restaurant is also a perfect place to watch the Manila Bay Sunset.

Located at the shores of Manila Bay, one can enjoy the peace and tranquility sometimes lost in the hustle and bustle of city life, without ever leaving Manila.


Anya said...

gusto ko din kumain jan pero i haven't got the chance pa tsaka balita ko mahal daw, is it true? pwede malaman kung how much ung price ng mga food, if that's not much to ask, salamat enchie!

Enchie said...

Hi Anya! I apologize for not mentioning the price range... Price Ranges from Php 150-500 They take seafood orders by grams. But they also have fixed dishes like the ones we ordered :)

Willa said...

Sarap ng mga pagkain,nakakagutom, isang beses pa lang ako napunta sa place na iyan and the experienced really worth it remembering eventhough it was 9 years ago. :)

Enchie said...

@ Willa Awww... that's nice to know...Lahat ata tayo, puro may childhood memories of this place. When you come home, you should go back again :)

Bryan said...

Nice place, I've never been in that place, how I wish I could.. It seems nice during at night, right?

Enchie said...

Hi Bryan! Its your right its nice to be there at night. and you can also watch the sunset.

♡Grace Draper♡ said...

ang sasarap nman ng mga food dito lechon kawali hmm yummy

Enchie said...

Hi Grace naku the best ang food sa resto na toh ;)

*MrsMartinez* said...

are you dining on board a yacht? how long was the trip? and do you have to make a reservation? thanks!

Enchie said...

Hello Mrs.Martinez! Harbor View is a restaurant by the bay, right beside Manila Ocean Park. To dine in a yacht you can go to Harbor Square CCP Complex. I haven't tried the cruise yet so I can't give any details.

Anonymous said...

My officemates and I were frequent diners of Harbor View sometime in 1992-1995. This third week of January, I plan to bring my family for a dinner as a treat to my daughter's birthday.

Looking at the pictures here, it looks like the place has changed .... but I am still expecting the piano music while dining.