Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Fun Of Moving In and Out

We are moving to a new place my dear friends. It is going to be a fun experience once again. We're just waiting for our condo's contract to expire. The excitement? While waiting, we've been window shopping for new furniture. Most of the stuff we have at the moment are from my in-laws. And since we're moving to a "new" unit, we plan to have a home make- over of our own. We plan to keep some of our old things, and we are very excited to add something modern and stylish. This is the fun part I'm talking about. Planning, shopping, and redecorating. Just over the weekend, we already scouted for a new dining table, a coffee table and we also looked on some designer bedroom sets.

Our bedroom is our main concern. For the past 5 years we have been sharing our bed with our son. It clearly means that when you share your room with a kid, definitely, the room will look like a play - sleeping area. This move is the perfect opportunity for us to redo everything. Now that our son is big, we think that it is about time that we give him his own space. And ours will completely be "The Master's Bedroom".


Willa said...

The best thing of moving is you can see the whole house as it is,naked, then you can start planning what to put to where. Good Luck, I know how stressful it's going to be but like you said, it's gonna be fun!
But i want to take a guess, is it the place that you posted before (the front yard or the backyard,i think) ,the same reason why you have to postpone your family's trip to US because of it? :D

Enchie said...

Hi Willa! This is different. We're hoping to have our own house, for the mean time, rent muna uli while waiting for Franky to finish school up to March.

The yard you're talking about is my mother-in-law's yard in GA. We had to postpone our trip kasi we thought its best to save the money and bring Franky to an exclusive school.