Wednesday, December 2, 2009

WholeMeal Pasta in Pesto

My Birthday this year was a very healthy one. Aside from having fresh greens and fruits on the table, the main highlight was a wholemeal pasta with pesto dish cooked by my husband. No salt added. Just plain pesto (homemade pesto---better), some mushrooms, green olives, EVOO, parmesan cheese and our favorite herbs combined together.
enchie’s kitchen

I added a little something-something, to enjoy it more. White meat for a healthy pasta dish. Chicken Teriyaki.
enchie’s kitchen
The pasta was perfectly cooked the right way... Al dente!
Wholemeal pasta is made out of flour particularly the entire grain seed, that is very rich in protein. A high-quality wholemeal pasta, may be found light brown in appearance. Wholemeal may be a bit expensive than the regular white pasta. But when it comes to health, nothing is too expensive for me. A few grams is good per serving. By the way, my son Franky liked it. I was feeling a little unsure, that he might not like it. Well, he finished a whole plate! I am very thankful that at an early age, he can appreciate healthy food even if its not as colorful as a party spaghetti.
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