Friday, December 18, 2009

A New Bed For Franky

I will surely miss the times when my son would wrap his arms around me while sleeping. He is all grown up, like literally. He's taller and got longer arms. We battle a lot for space when sleeping. As a mom, I end up giving him all the space to make him sleep comfortably. Yes, it is very sweet if you're going to think about it, but I do get a lot of aches and body pain once I get up in the morning. It's about time we buy him his own bed. Again, I see this as a chance to make a good investment. A bed that he can use at least, throughout his teen years. A bed that is made of fine materials. A bed that will suit any living space in terms of design.

Early this year we went to several stores and looked up on beds for sale. The beds we saw were very nice both quality and design. It comes as a package too, a mattress and a set of sheets come with it too. But that time, we weren't very serious about it, until just recently when I developed some muscle pain and a stiff neck. We should have considered it earlier. Realistically speaking, our kids grows up so fast. You'll never notice it, you'll just feel the pressure. For both mine and my husband side, our families are considered as tall people. I bet Franky will love to have his own bed. He can play, have his small corner, everything is going to be his. And kids loves to have their own space.
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