Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Kitchen Showcase? & As Requested By--- Homemade Shitake Shumai

A Kitchen Showcase? Well, almost. All 3 kitchenwares were gifts, isn't that nice. The rice cooker we could keep for future use. But the new griller and steamer... just in time. For the past months, I have been struggling to fit a fish in a small steaming pan that went with the rice cooker were using at the moment. Now I have a real steamer.
The Griller came in handy too. My husband was about to get us a new Griller, his recruitment team heard his Christmas wish and gave him a new griller for Christmas. Thanks so much girls!
On New Year's Eve, we will go grilling galore. We're very happy to have the right griller because we live in a condo. Normally, the building owner doesn't permit grilling (especially the old fashioned way).

Since we have a new steamer, my husband requested for some homemade Shitake Shumai. This is a Cantonese Shumai.Also known as pork or mushroom dumpling. It is a combination of ingredients, consisting ground pork or shrimp, and black mushroom in small bits.
The wrapper is made of thin sheets of lye water dough. The center is usually garnished with an orange dot, made of roe or diced carrot. I used a slice of my main shumai ingredient (shitake mushroom) for garnishing.
Best served with chili garlic, calamondin and soy sauce mixture.
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