Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Gourmet Picks My New Favorite

I'm not a 100% junk food lover. Junk food is one of the things that my Dad won't permit us to have in the house. With that background, I have become choosy of the chips and crackers to munch. Less salt the better, no MSG, is the best. Once in awhile, I indulge myself with some Marty's Veggie Snack. Everything changed when I tried one of Oishi's Gourmet Picks. KIMCHI.
In the recent Manila International Bookfair (September 09), a booth sold Oishi products and had a taste test of their new line of Chips. I was originally looking for Marty's but it was sold in an instant, had no choice but to try their Gourmet Picks.
I particularly love the Kimchi flavor. Sad to say, it is a hard to find variant. My husband would go all the way to a 7-11 store in the middle of the night just to check if they have it. We're sometimes lucky, but most of the time we're not. In big supermarkets, you will not find a single pack of the Kimchi flavor. This is now my husband's ultimate pasalubong for me everytime he comes home, if he knows that he will pass a store along the way, definitely, he'll stop to check if they have my Gourmet Picks flavor. I'm really, really, really happy and blessed to have a good a very thoughtful husband.

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Anya said...

interesting, i haven't try it pa, makapaghanap nga din, hehe.

Enchie said...

Hi Anya! go na! It's very good :)

joy said...

hi enchie! haven't tried it but i'll surely grab one when i visit the grocery. yung marty's kasi yung laging binibili ko kasi favorite ni papa tsaka ng mga brothers ko. out of stock nga palagi yung marty's eh.

*MrsMartinez* said...

errr... di ko alam un marty's hehe Like you I'm not fond of junk food I rarely go to that section in the supermarket kasi. You are lucky to have a wonderful husband who goes out of his way just to give you pasalubong xoxo

Enchie said...

Hi Joy! You should try Oishi's Gourmet Picks its MSG free too.

Enchie said...

Hi Mrs. Martinez! thanks for the nice comment. Its just now that I'm able to eat junk food like all the time.

Oishi Gourmet Picks said...

Hi there!
Thanks for trying Oishi Gourmet Picks. We would like to request if ir would be ok to link your post to the Oishi Gourmet Picks FB Fan Page? Thankies!

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