Thursday, November 19, 2009

Slice N' Dice

A newly opened Steak House just around the corner. Truly, heaven sent this restaurant to add variation to the line of restaurants in a nearby commercial area. I'm not talking about Cubao. This new branch of Slice N' Dice opened at the Metrolane Complex 20th Avenue.
Steaks served for P99! T-Bone, Steak ALA Pobre and my favorite, Garlic Steak
Steak Salpicao P75 Beef Strips combined with their special gravy sauce topped with mushrooms and roasted garlic. It's one of my favorites.
Garlic Pork Tenderloin P79. The meat is very tender and juicy.
Slice n' Dice also offers an All-Day Sunrise meal. Dishes typically served during breakfast. Sunny Sirloin Rice, Grilled Chorizo, Sirloin Scramble, Cheese Steak Omelette.
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