Friday, November 27, 2009

Red Ribbon's Sugarfree Mango Passion Cake

This was my birthday cake. I'm glad that Red Ribbon came up with sugar free cakes. This is perfect for the health conscious. I for one is a cake lover, but I do watch my sugar in- take. And that's what I love about Red Ribbon cakes and desserts, they're not too sweet, yet the taste and quality I want is there. It gives the ultimate satisfaction I'm looking for.
This cake was actually requested by my husband. It was his first time to know that Red Ribbon has a sugar free cake. He has always been praying for Red Ribbon to create a line of sugar free cakes. So there, the moment he saw it, I knew Mango Passion is going to be my cake for this year.
Today, I indulged myself with another slice.
It's so good that we try to save some even before it reaches its expiration date. The fun part, it taste like the usual cake. Real mango filling, rich chiffon cake covered with crushed grahams. Yum!
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