Monday, November 16, 2009

Organizing My Files

I'm in the process of documenting the stuff I already posted online. Specifically on my food blog. One dilemma I undergo is getting my folders mixed up. Too much to handle, that I sometimes even save a new file on a previously documented documented set of files and programs. Its very frustrating. Plus, I have photos to make everything more confusing. Using a file sync software may help me with this goal of mine.

A file sync software is a folder and file synchronization software that is free for noncommercial usage. File Sync is very simple in use and can help if you need:

1. To define distinctions between two folder.
2. For file synchronization and folder synchronization (sample: between laptop and pc, flash and desktop, computer and network).
3. To copy only the files you don’t have on the working PC from another computer on flash.

With File Sync program you will precisely know the difference between two copies of the same folders and if you want will be able to replace old files with new ones. To synchronize folders and files will be to press the computer mouse twice for you.

Perfect right?! It will save time, energy and it will lessen your stress thinking of ways just to put every file in order. It also helps every time you transfer a file from one computer to another. If you have a business, this is the right one for you.
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