Monday, November 23, 2009

My Christmas Menu Is Ready

Freshly made pasta by moi will make our Christmas special this year.

We had to do our Christmas Menu early because we plan to purchase most of the dry ingredients as early as mid of this month. With the news that prices will go through the roof by December, definitely, it will triple the expenses. Considering the ongoing price freeze too. So wow! what a dilemma right? Crazy!

Anyway, we were able to come up with simpler dishes for this holiday season. The menu will consist of dishes and goodies we missed eating and stuff we also enjoyed throughout the year.

Hors d'Ĺ“uvres which I also call The Holiday Plate! fresh fruits, crackers and cheese and some cold cuts. If I could insert Caviar in the budget, why not!
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A pasta dish.

Mom's Carbonara! its my mom's specialty. Very meaty and saucy. It will have my touch because I will be making the pasta. The sauce, my mom's!

We need some of that juicy meat. Yum!

Fresh Garden Salad! Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, onion rings, croutons with special salad dressing.

Fruit Salad! Make that sugar free. Christmas will never be complete without a bowl of cold fruit salad. It's advisable to double the recipe, so you can have something to enjoy during the days between Christmas and New Year.
Cake from Red Ribbon! Winning the contest was just timely for the season to come. Must try their Sugar Free Mango Cake.

Lastly, a bottle of Franzia Red Wine and Baileys Mint Chocolate to complete everything...
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