Thursday, November 12, 2009

Girls Talk! My Favorite Chocolate/s

Another Thursday full of yummy treats from the girls. Today, we share our favorite chocolates. I am a certified chocoholic. If there's a flavor on my list, you will find Chocolate on top. By the way, I posted this entry here on my food blog because it involves in keeping my tummy happy.
DARK chocolate is my #1 favorite. I'd still go for the usual milk-chocolate if I can't find any Dark, or anything that is not too sweet works for me.
Most are Dark Chocolates
I love Lindt'sLindor Truffles---so rich!
As always, 3 Musketeers will always be my favorite too. Aside from being a chewy- "not too sweet" chocolate... it's 40% less fat.

Wanna share your favorites too? Come and join @ Girls Talk!
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