Monday, November 2, 2009


MushroomBurger should always be included for every Tagaytay visit.

Originally a mushroom farm in Tagaytay City back in 1978, where mushrooms of four (4) different types of mushrooms, mainly the Abalone Mushroom, the Oyster Mushroom, the Wooden Ear and the Shiitake Mushroom, were sold directly to the public.
What a cozy counter!
If I were to have my own fast food chain, I will do it just like MushroomBurger's. Not too big, not too small... just right. This counter has everything! Fast service, good food for a very reasonable price. Burger patties made out of mushrooms. What a healthy option.

They have two branches, one in Tagaytay and in 2004 a second branch opened, located at West Avenue, Quezon City, in front of the Philam Homes subdivision.
MushroomBurger King

"In the early eighties, one of our customers commented that mushrooms were more expensive than beef where he came from, and he asked, why not make burgers out of the mushrooms? That same day the first Mushroomburger was created." -source-
Burger Steak HK
Served with hot rice, mixed mushrooms in special sauce and egg.

KM60, Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City
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