Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pearl Of The Orient

That's what they call the Philippines. Most tourists who come here never leaves the country without a strand of pearls hanging around their necks. Let put this way, it would be very complicated to go all the way here or order pearls all the way from the Philippines if you live abroad. A great site that sells all the pearls you needed from cultured pearls,freshwater pearls, jewelry making pearls, loose pearls, pearl in oyster and wish pearls. Harvested straight from their own thousands of acres pearl farm, made with quality raw materials all the way to completed jewelry. 

Guarantees safety for every item. I know the eagerness of our friends from abroad. Itching to buy some pearls. Great looking ones, customized according to what they desire. Because my line of accessories and jewelries are all pearls. The only thing that's not is my wedding ring. My relatives abroad would always ask for pearls every time a family member will visit America.

Most of my pearl accessories are made with 925 Sterling Silver. Like this ring. Its made of 925 Sterling Silver. So simple, yet so elegant.

I have a very sensitive skin. I only go for silver because its the only thing I can afford as of now. At the same time, its not hurting my skin and I'm enjoying an elegant look with the type of pearls I love.
I remember buying a strand of loose Baroque pearls. From there I had fun making my own bracelets. I gave them away as gifts and keepsakes. I'm so attracted with the shapes of Baroque pearls. Its so unique and cool to look at. You should check it out!
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